Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Scenes From The Ranch

This morning we loaded up the kids and went to feed at the "Heiser" place and the "Roth" place. Each of our pastures have names, and I am still trying to keep them all straight. The fact that I still get lost in some of our pastures drives the Cowboy a little nuts, but some of those pastures are big! It didn't help this morning that their wasn't the greatest visability because of all the fog. When you're in a pasture with only a few landmarks and 50 yard visability it isn't easy to tell where exactly you are. Unless you're the cowboy, of couse. I think he could ride his way through the pastures blindfolded.

When we go on these adventures the Cowboy only brings me along to open the gates. It's a hard job, but somebody has to do it. Okay, maybe it's not so tough, but it's a job just right for me. I guess it saves him a little time, we get to spend some quality time together, and I get to breathe some fresh air first thing in the morning.  This morning after my duties of opening the first two gates were over, I asked him to drop me off at the homestead at "the Heiser" place. The Cowboy and the kiddos went to cake and hay while I took some photos of the homestead in the morning fog. I didn't get around to taking photos of all the buildings because the Cowboy was in a hurry to get back home this morning to haul some yearlings home. Here are a few pics from this morning's adventure.  

I had some fun taking pictures of this old Chevy stock rack. The Cowboy says it's a 1950's stock truck that would haul about 8 head of cows. He said it was the Cadillac of stock trucks back in those days. Couldn't imagine life without our cattle pot these days.

This old barn at the "Heiser" place seems to be the perfect backdrop for some engagement photos or a senior picture. I just need to find some willing subjects!

I forgot to mention that we have a few baby calves on the ranch nowadays. I love the way a mother cow protects her new baby calf. This momma seems to be doing a pretty good job! Have a great day everyone! I will have more pics of all the new babies in an upcoming post.

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  1. Incredible pics!!! I enjoyed reading your blog....What a neat idea....I started doing something like this, but have been horrible at keeping priorities straight with all the caps piling up!! :) Way to go!